Does the Freight Forwarding Company provide air freight forwarding?

Air freight forwarding is one of the many services that The Freight Forwarding Company provides. Here are some common questions with their Answers.

Q. Can you please explain the different transit time service levels you offer for air freight forwarding shipments?
A. Same Day Service: Use this for urgent air freight forwarding shipments. It employs the fastest route your cargo can take with immediate confirmation of orders. Using a variety of charter options and on board couriers it is ideally suited for line down, VOR scenarios etc... Same day service only applies to certain geographical areas. Please contact us for more information.
Next Day Service: This service is ideal for time-critical shipments. Shipments are scheduled for the most optimal routing from airport to airport using 1st class partner carriers.
2nd Day Service:  This service provides a cost-effective and timely solution. This offers a cost efficient solution for your normal air freight forwarding requirements.
3-5 Day Service: Where transit times are less critical, we recommend 3-5 day service, our most economical solution. Enjoy a lower air freight rate without compromising on service. Ideal for less critical shipments, that still must move as air freight.

Q. What is the maximum permitted size for an air freight forwarding shipment?
A. The type of aircraft used will determine the maximum allowable size. However, most air freight is shipped on passenger aircraft and it is prudent to restrict your shipment to less than 3 meters in length x 2 meters in width x 1.5 meters in height.

There are exceptions to this rule, however. It is possible to ship as much cargo as would fit into a 53 ft. trailer. However this would be booked on a special non-passenger aircraft called a combi freighter.

Please ask one of our representatives if you’re not sure. Please click here to contact a representative.

Q. How do airlines determine chargeable weight on air freight forwarding shipments?
A. Chargeable weight on air freight forwarding shipments is based on whichever is greater between actual weight and volume weight.

1. Actual Weight: is simply determined by weighing an object on a scale.
2. Volume Weight: is determined by the following formulas:
a) If dimensions are in Inches: Length x Width x Height x Number of Cartons, Divided by 166 = Volume Weight in Pounds
Length x Width x Height x Number of Cartons, Divided by 366 = Volume Weight in Kilos
b) If dimensions are in Centimeters: Length x Width x Height x Number of Cartons, Divided by 2721 = Volume Weight in Pounds
Length x Width x Height x Number of Cartons, Divided by 6000 = Volume Weight in Kilos

Q. What info do you need to provide an air freight forwarding quote?
A. In order to get the most precise air freight quote, we need to know where your shipment is picking up and going to, the weight & dimensions and a description of the commodity. You also need to indicate if any other additional services are needed (power tailgate, etc.) to move your shipment. For a competitive air freight forwarding quote please click here.

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