What overseas shipping services does the Freight Forwarding Company offer?

Through our partners, there are a number of overseas shipping services that The Freight Forwarding Company offers. We can first evaluate the type of equipment required to move your cargo. We can arrange 20’ standard containers, 40’ standards or 40’ high cube containers. And if your overseas shipping needs specialized equipment, we can arrange a variety of containers as required such as flat racks and open top containers. We can also arrange refrigerated equipment for more delicate cargo that needs temperature control for overseas shipping. 

Services can also be arranged if you have large, heavy or oversized project cargo. We can furnish any heavy haul equipment or machines that might be required to handle special cargo via break bulk. If needed, we can also supply Ro/Ro service, which utilizes specialized roll on, roll off ships. These special vessels allow vehicles and heavy machinery to be driven on and off for overseas shipping. Services requiring any special permits to move your cargo to the port, would be obtained by the carrier who we would contract to ship your goods.  When needed, The Freight Forwarding Company can arrange to have your cargo loaded and secured by a professional packer who would ensure your load would not shift to help eliminate the possibility of damages.

We partner with a number of LCL (Less Than Container Load) consolidators for smaller cargo. Price, service and your delivery needs are taken into consideration when deciding which consolidator to use.  Overseas shipping services such as export packing and container loading can be arranged.

If your overseas shipping entails the movement of hazardous cargo, we negotiate on your behalf with the SS shipping line to confirm their acceptance of your cargo. In order to determine this, you would need to supply us with the UN#, the Class# and the IMDG Code and Packing Group. In the case of hazardous shipments, the shipper is responsible by law to complete a Hazardous Declaration.

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