As a global shipping company, what various options do you provide?

As a global shipping company we provide single source logistics to anywhere in the world. We have representation in every major trading market making us a truly worldwide shipping company. This gives us intimate knowledge of customs rules and regulations to help streamline the delivery of your cargo. We provide control and reliability of the process through our electronic online tracking capabilities and global documentation expertise.

Our experienced staff will instill the confidence you look for in a good shipping company in handling all of your freight forwarding requirements. We can provide highly competitive rates through our leveraged volume agreements. This enables you to take advantage of the marketplace whether you’re shipping one container or several hundred. As one of the leading global shipping companies we take ownership of all the logistics involved in getting your cargo on the necessary means of conveyance either by ocean, air or ground. We arrange local pick up from point of origin, arrange rail billing, rail reservations and bookings with the carriers. All details are handled to get your cargo on the vessel or the aircraft.

Importantly, in this new era where there is heightened concern regarding homeland security, there are many areas of documentation compliance that good shipping companies need to implement on behalf of their customers. Our experienced staff manages all documentation requirements to ensure your shipments meet all government regulatory guidelines and which will also help in avoiding costly delays. We have hazardous cargo and perishable goods expertise as well to help simplify the challenges of shipping these types of commodities to foreign markets.

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